Kelly Rowland Instagram’s Baby News!

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The picture above is of her husbands Jordan’s next to her expectant baby’s. Wonder if it’s a boy… but hey Jordan’s are just as good on girls nowadays!

How cute! That’s how you know you’re bringing a stylin’ baby into this world. Congrats to the happy couple.

REWIND: Although she released the picture above on Instagram, here’s a hint from a few days ago that she may be pregnant.

This past weekend Kelly performed at the “Rhythm On The River” music festival in Oklahoma. She wore an outfit that’s out of the norm for her & rumors started to fly.

Here’s the first picture. Look at how high her pants are, it’s questionable.


But this one from this angle looks like she’s hiding something…


And although it’s far away, look at how high those pants are up on her when she sits down. I usually see thongs or regular underwear when most women sit down with a cut off shirt.


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    So happy for baby girl! Now a mother. Wow