Uh-Oh… Draya’s Alleged Sex Tape Surfaces & Pictures From It Are Leaked… (+ Bonus Pictures)

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So… the answer to “Does Draya really have a sex tape” might finally be answered. An alleged sex tape featuring model and Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele is being shopped around. Screen shots from the tape have been floating around for the past few days and from what I can see, it looks like her.

The pictures show a woman giving head in two photos, sitting on top of a man’s penis in another and the last one is of her vagina in the man’s face. I mean the ass doesn’t look like hers but then again, this is from a few years ago.

Draya confused fans by confessing to having a sex tape before it came out to then saying that there is no sex tape of her out. I mean… why get us hyped up for no reason lol.

A few years ago, she said…

“So someone is threatening to leak a very private movie. There’s only 2 people in possession of it and I am one. So obviously…”

That someone she’s referring to is her ex-boyfriend David Miranda. She continued on with…

“I just wanna pre apologize to my family, my son, my friends, and my supporters. We live in a very cruel world. So in this time, I just ask that you pray for the well being of me and my family. Thank you. I always assumed it was love that drove certain individuals crazy… Come to find out it was MONEY and the want for it the whole time.”

Fast forward and screen shots of the sex tape were released and various sites posted the photos. Draya got wind of it and responded with…

“Might as well take this post down. Nowadays anyone can say anything about anyone and people believe it. Trust me, there’s no tape… Only clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me.”

So what’s the correct story ? Is there a sex tape or isn’t there ? Who knows…

Check the following pages to see the actual tweets from Draya, the sex tape photos and some pictures of her amazing body.

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